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Coloured pencils. I absolutely love them!

Easy to draw with and put away when you are finished without having to do a lot of cleaning up.

But there are so many brands out there.

I find that for coloured pencils it firstly comes down to what you prefer. Do you want to have a beautiful set of pencils or are you happy to have any pencils? If you want to have a set but try to get a pile of pencils you may find you are never really happy with your purchase and you just keep on buying pencils.

To get the widest range of colour my advice would be to collect different brands of coloured pencils and combine them. This creates the advantage of having a wider range as I have found different brands can have different shades of colour sometimes.

If however you want to have a set of colours I have found a lovely set that is a good range and fairly cheap (compared to name brands). The brand I am currently using is Marco Raffine.

Some pencils can feel like you aren’t easily rubbing colour onto paper, however I haven’t had any issues with these pencils in doing that.

The white pencil (usually the one I find the hardest to create an impact), does lighten up some colours a little when applied on top of a colour but it doesn’t whiten to such a large extent that it is has a really huge impact. In other words, it doesn’t make the colour significantly lighter. So if you want to have white areas, my advice is to put the white down first then add your other colours on top of it.

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